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Welcome to my home-Kathmandu

Triangolism for Kolor Kathmandu project

Equilateral triangle, a symbol of stability and strength, a wish to the future reconstruction of these neighborhoods. I decided to paint in this area, in the center of Kathmandu, brought to its knees by the 2015 earthquake. Here, where the inhabitants have lost relatives, friends, their homes and all their belongins, preliminary rebuildings are now taking place. As I looked around, stunned, unable to understand what might have really been the shakes, a man approaches me smiling, and pointing to some heaps of bricks he cries "welcome to my home." Thats when I painted the rubble of the first triangle.

Thank you soo much to Rupak Raj Sunuwar Thugùch for helping me in my art project and Sattya Media Arts Collective to make all this possible!

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